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Baltic States



Latvia is a small country on the Baltic Sea with the ancient history and traditions. There are many interesting tourist sights which will attract everyone. If you want to enjoy nature - there is not only the serene Gulf of Riga and the open Baltic Sea, but also nature parks, fast rivers and lakes with the beautiful forests on the shores. Those who are interested in history will be fascinated by the medieval castles and culture of the ancient Latvians. If you are interested not only in entertainment but also gaining new knowledge and information you are welcome to visit Old Riga, where you will find not only fabulous architectural monuments but also various night clubs and pubs. There are many beautiful churches in Latvia - both ancient and modern. There is a wide range of health rehabilitation and active recreation possibilities. And of course, don’t forget to make the inquiries about the events that are going to take place during your stay in Latvia. There is the possibility for you to enjoy the traditional Latvian celebrations, different cultural events and entertaining programs throughout the year. Latvia is the country where you can enjoy your trip - come with the tourist group or have a nice time together with your family. You can have a variety of choices from taking a

number of exciting tours to spending several weeks in the guesthouse near the river or lake, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A major part of the cultural heritage is composed of different types of cultural monuments, cultural and historic landscapes and specific territories (ancient burial places, churchyards, parks, places of historical importance), as well as separate graveyards, building complexes, separate buildings and construction sites, works of art, equipment and tools of historical, scientific, artistic or other cultural value, the preserve of which is the interest of the Republic of Latvia, as well as of international organizations.