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Day Tours from Tallinn

Regular city tour of Tallinn (3 hrs)

During this 3-hour long driving and walking tour you will see the Park of Kadriorg (18th century), the Song Festival Grounds where are held national song festivals and other events, the Woodland Cemetery, the ruins of the St Birgitta's Convent (15th century).
The tour of the Old Town starts with car circling around the Old Town offering a fascinating view of the medieval city wall. Walking tour begins at Upper Town - Toompea with a stop in front of Toompea Palace, seat of the Estonian Parliament, taking also a look at the limestone walls and towers that belonged to its predecessor - the medieval Toompea Castle. Later on we will visit the Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Catheral (both from outside and inside), the Dome Church (13th -18th century) are visited. You take a walk along the short and narrow medieval cobblestone streets that lead you to some panoramic viewpoints facing the Lower Town. You descend to the Lower Town along the Long or Short Leg streets. In the Lower Town you will see the Town Hall Square and the outside of the Town Hall (14th century), the Pharmacy (15th century), St Nicholas Church, the Holy Ghost Church, some Guild Houses from the Hanseatic period.

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Tour to Kadriorg Palace (2,5 hrs)

2,5-hour long tour to Kadriorg Palace and Kadriorg Park which will celebrate the 290th anniversary this year. The jubilee will be marked out by the exhibition "The Palace and Its Story" at Kadriorg Art Museum, accompanied by a series of guided tours and lectures within the Saturday Academy, the premier of a documentary in July and a richly illustrated album on Kadriorg Palace coming out at the end of the year. The history of Kadriorg Palace – one of the finest Baroque ensembles in North Europe – dates back to 1718. On July 22, 1718 Russian Tsar Peter the Great, assisted by the Italian architect Niccolo Michetti, began the building of the palace and the park to a picturesque spot near Tallinn, later on renamed Kadriorg after Empress Catherine I.

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Tour to Rocca al Mare Open air museum (3 hrs)

On this 3-hour long tour you will visit the Rocca al Mare Open air museum, which is located at 6 km distance from the city centre, in a beautiful forest area on the sea coast. Museum exhibits authentic specimens of the 18th - 19th century rural architecture like farmhouses, country pubs, chapels, windmills, a schoolhouse etc. together with corresponding furniture and household appliances.

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Tour to Laheema National Park (8 hrs)

During this 8-hour tour you will drive from Tallinn by car or minibus to the Lahemaa Natural Park; with its jagged coasts, vast forests, wetlands and many hiking trails, it is a nature enthusiast's dream. The first stop is at the Kolga Manor. The manor has not been completely restored therefore it allows an opportunity to appreciate the original architecture. The next stop is in the small fishery village of Viinistu where we will visit the private museum of Estonian art. Then we will continue through the coastal villages Käsmu, Võsu and Altja to enjoy Estonian food for lunch in an old tavern "Altja kõrts" (not included in the price). The 400 year old fishing village of Altja will give you a taste of the local coastal life. Visit of Palmse Manor (excursion inside), Sagadi Manor and several places that own a unique scenic beauty.

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