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Medical Tourism

Lithuania has an excellent private dental and medical care facilities and is one of the top destinations in medical tourism.

Best quality treatments and a perfectly organised stay is guaranteed with us!

We will do it all for you:

- Analyse your medical records.
- Recommend several relevant medical facilities and professionals.
- Present preliminary price quotations.
- Prepare requested materials about your condition, services, facilities, equipment and professionals to facilitate your choice what is most suitable for you.
- Organise a conversation with your Lithuanian doctor prior to your trip, if needed.
- Prepare a prospective treatment plan.
- Receive and answer your questions by email and phone, about individual dental treatment during the time of your travel.
- Arrange accommodation, ranging from budget to deluxe.
- Organise car rental, transfers within cities and between them.
- Offer the services of experienced guides and interpreters in a number of languages.
- Organise theater and concert tickets.
- Make an arrangements for conventions and special events.
- Organise special interest (hunting, bicycling, etc.) tours.
- Offer special SPA packages.
- Book a flight, ferry, bus and other tickets, if needed.
- Reserve a hotel, spa hotel or other type of accommodation.
- Take you and accompanying persons from and to the airport.
- Fully coordinate, help in translating (if needed) and support you 24/7.
- Will provide an additional phone or SIM card for local calls.
- Manage medical records for your local doctor.
- Follow up and facilitate between you and your Lithuanian doctor after your departure.
- Other services on request.

If you are interested in coming to Lithuania for your medical treatment please do not hesitate to contact us. We will send you the offers along with a price quotation.