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Liepaja is the best place to be! You want to know why? We can tell you. Liepaja has balance in everything: The city is not crowded yet, it has all the best business and entertainment possibilities one could need.Liepaja has a hard working administration and a very energetic community ready to participate in development of the city.Liepaja has industrial production of both delicate lingerie and hard metal products.Liepaja port has both successful commercial activity within special economic zone and yacht port for tourists.

Liepāja is a unique city on the coast of the Baltic Sea with a white, sandy beach. Liepāja is the place where the sun rises every morning over the Lake Liepāja and sets in the evening in the sea. Here the sea meets the shore, the winds meets the pines, the past – the future, ideas – people, music – the audience and job meets leisure. Liepāja is the third largest city in Latvia with the population close to one hundred thousand, among them lots of musicians, artists, craftsmen, fishermen, steel workers, students, entrepreneurs … Liepāja is open to everybody. Stylish cafes and cozy restaurants, hotels and guest houses are awaiting the guests. It is worth coming to Liepāja at any time of a year: in March we celebrate the birthday of the city and hold the International Piano Star Festival with concerts featuring piano music virtuosos from all over the world.

The last Saturday in May is the traditional “Līvas Fair” where you can enjoy and buy items created by craftsmen and even try yourself to weave or make a piece of pottery. In July we have the Beach Party, the Sea Festival, the Flower Festival, the annual painters’ plain air, the “Līvu alus“ song festival and the international car rally “Kurzeme”. The second week of August is marked by incomparable atmosphere of the international rock music festival “Liepājas Dzintars”. September is the time of the International Organ Music Festival, yet this is by far not everything Liepāja offers to its visitors. Enjoy the feel of soft sand in the beach, salty water of the open sea and leisurely walk in the Seaside Park or along the beach!

Liepāja had always been full of discoveries for those who enjoy architecture of different times and styles. In the city centre the unique wooden architecture is seen side by side with art nouveau, but in Karosta neighborhood – sacral and military buildings, houses built more than a century ago and in Soviet decades. In Karosta you can see the city environment typical of Tsarist Russia empire fleet from the 19th century – a cathedral, a prison, a water tower, a post office and also the environment of a closed USSR military territory. The Karosta prison, a former military detention centre, offers a challenging opportunity to join a theatrical performance „Behind the bars” and experience the life of a prisoner. In Karosta art lives side by side with daily life, extreme entertainment with leisure and romance with rough reality